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Extend the season

Patio heaters, or outdoor heaters have already become part of the standard inventory on the terraces of many restaurants and coffee shops.

Schwank Patio heaters

Outdoor patio heaters allow guests to sit outside even on cold days. Also, non-smoking laws, patio heaters are the ultimate comfort for guests that spend more time in outdoor areas. significantly contribute to this trend.

A holiday feeling throughout the whole year and heated smoking zones – that‘s what attracts customers. Environmentally friendly gas-infrared patio heaters are an ideal solution to cater for this trend. Since in many restaurants and hotels, natural gas is used for heating and cooking already, a connection to the network is easy.

Gas-fired infrared outdoor heaters provide ultimate, year round comfort and are ideal to heat outdoor areas. Just like the sun, Schwank Patio heaters generate radiation, which in turn is transferred into heat, when it strikes solid matters such as human bodies and the floor. Hence, the air is not heated directly. The reaction time is so quick that guests are feeling the warmth immediately after the heaters have been switched on.

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Schwank has developed a patio infrared heater that has been especially designed for the needs of the hospitality industry with a focus on a quick pay-back period. In contrast to common mushroom heaters, terraSchwank is permanently installed without any loss of seating space. Further, there is no need for any annoying replacement of gas bottles or removal of the equipment. Another comfortable feature is the ingenious ignition mechanism: the terraSchwank patio heater can easily be started via one main switch.

Thanks to the latest infrared burner technology, the systems are very energy efficient. Whilst mushroom heaters generate very spotty heat, terraSchwank uniformly distributes the heat even over large areas. The heater is made of robust and very durable materials and can permanently withstand any extreme weather conditions.

More heat means more customers which in turn translates into higher demand for food & beverages – thus higher turnover and profit. The investment for terraSchwank and the associated operational cost can pay off within the first two months of operation.

Schwank Patio heaters at cafe

Benefits of the terraSchwank patio heater vs. standard mushroom heaters

  • Easy to operate [in contrast to LPG solutions, no gas bottles have to be stored or exchanged]
  • On an average, 62% energy savings due to the innovative infrared burner technology
  • No unnecessary removal or securing of equipment; no damages and wear & tear due to transport or weather
  • No loss of space for seats due to space-saving installations on walls
  • Quick reaction time: comfortable heat that can be felt immediately
  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Wind protection due to the WindSecure system: the flame is wind resistant and can almost always resist being blown out by wind – a significant benefit especially in coastal areas
  • Quality Made in Germany


In order to ensure perfect operations in areas with high wind velocities, terraSchwank is equipped with the inventive WindSecure System providing a stable flame when other systems fail. When installed in wet areas or under awnings, a rain hood can be used to prevent rain impact and to increase the distance to combustibles.

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Form and function harmonised

When heating terraces and outdoor dining areas, are a number of considerations to be taken into account. The lunaSchwank outdoor heater has been specially designed for these fields of application and is therefore ideal for heating terraces and outdoor installations of every kind.

Prolong the season with Schwank outdoor heaters

Schwank Patio heaters at cafe

It is already the standard of many restaurants and café or bar patios: heating systems. And the trend continues. The number of guests preferring to stay outside, even on cooler days, is rising.

The outdoor heating systems developed by Schwank excite customers as they can experience supreme comfort and the holiday feeling whilst enjoying outdoor areas.

lunaSchwank Patio Heater Benefits

  • Easy handling [no gas bottles required]
  • An average of 62% energy savings due to advanced infrared burner technology
  • No storing or chaining of units necessary
  • No seat losses thanks to space saving installation
  • Immediate and pleasant heat
  • Uniform and balanced temperature distribution
  • Stable combustion due to WindSecure System – a true advantage especially in coastal areas
  • Easy ignition
  • All-year use of outdoor areas
  • Made in Germany

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