Hybrid Systems

Schwank Heat recovery systems for industrial buildings and distribution facilities.

Since 1995, hybrid systems, coupling infrared systems with heat recovery technologies, have been successfully implemented by Schwank. In connection with ever more efficient gas-fired infrared systems, hybrid systems have gained more and more importance. In order to reduce the operating costs and to contribute to the environmental protection [carbon footprint], a combination of energy-efficient heating and innovative heat recovery systems can be a reasonable solution.

The hybrid heat recovery system by Schwank combines energy efficient gas infrared heaters with innovative heat recovery technologies to provide unparalleled comfort and energy efficiency to industrial and commercial environments.

The interaction of several new legislations, for instance, the EEWärmeG [German Renewable Heat Act] and the EnEV 2009 [Energy Saving Ordinance] raise the requirements for efficient heating systems considerably. Schwank more than fulfils these requirements with its innovative hybrid heat recovery systems.

The term “hybrid system” means a combination of two different technologies. It encompasses:

  • Energy-efficient, ecological gas infrared heaters and
  • Innovative heat recovery systems.

With the combination of efficient heating and the recovery of waste heat up to 15% of the installed heating output may be recovered. For example, given a heating output of 300 kW, this equals a usable energy potential of an additional 45 kW

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