SchwankControl Touch

Transparent information of your heating system

Modern heating systems from Schwank offer the possibility to gather and analyse a broad variety of information on their status, their performance or their current consumption. These datas are of major importance when it comes to an efficient heating operation.

To intelligently use this gathered data, the Schwank engineers developed a control system, which merges and analyses all information in real time and depicts them in a transparent and intuitive manner.

To sustainably ensure an efficient operation of your heating system, maintenance plays an important role. Here SchwankControl also offers a major advantage: thanks to its BUS connection to each heater in your facility, SchwankControl immediately indicates when there is something wrong. Thereby downtimes can be minimised.

Apart from the ModBUS interface SchwankControl additionally offers an internet connection. This gives you the chance to globally access your heating system. Thereby you can flexibly react to new circumstances and adjust the settings of your heating system – even without being on site. This makes SchwankControl the ideal control system, not only for facility operators but also for energy contracting providers.

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